Why do people commit crimes? We think everyone has asked this at some point in their life. It is hard to understand why people do the things they do, but there is always a way to help. Maybe people are really struggling with personal issues and cannot think of another way out. Sometimes it has to do with peer pressure or depression.

The FBI says, "In 2015, there were an estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an estimated $390 million in losses." Crime is not only a United States issues it is a world issue. What are some ideas your WAVE has to tackle the issue of crime?




Abigail - “About 3 years ago my town was struck with a water crisis where we could not touch or drink the water. This was due in part to a large algal bloom on Lake Erie that released toxic elements into the water. While our crisis only lasted a few days, many people in this world live in areas that does not have access to clean drinking water. By pairing up with organizations already in place such as, The Water Project, we too can make change in this world.”

Leah - “We plan on bringing water to a small rural Zulu Village in South Africa. Too many children die everyday from not having clean water to drink. This almost happened to one of the babies that live here. When we visited the community over Christmas, the little girl went into a 5 day coma from drinking contaminated water. So we decided to raise money to get clean water for her and her community. Thank you and God bless.” You can read our story here...

Sarah - “There is this organization that someone in my church started called Charity Water. My group of friends and I are going to raise money to give to them.”