According to the U.S Department of Education, minority students, to an overwhelming degree, disproportionately attend underfunded and under-resourced schools.  For example, in schools where more than three-quarters of the students were classified as low-income, there were three times as many non-certified or out-of-field teachers in both English and science. How is your WAVE going to tackle this issue?




Cara - “We live in a southern community where race still plays a large role in social statuses. We are starting a program where we throw block parties for children in the community so that they can build relationships with everyone not just their social circle. Hopefully we can break the chain of racial issues and truly love people unconditionally.”

Chloe - “So many people in my school and all around me are judged and made fun of because they are different. My plan is to be like Rachel Joy Scott and reach out to those who look or feel different. I want to start a chain reaction.”

Hailey - “The issue that breaks my heart is the issue of discrimination. I am going to tackle this issue by leading other students to become aware that they are different, but we are all the same. I am challenging myself to be bold in my faith and be confident that I am who God created me to be, no matter what the mirror or the world tells me. I will tackle this issue by being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone just as Rachel did. I believe that God is using me to step out and approach other students and be that light in my school, community, and world.”