Questions about starting a WAVE

+ Is there an age limit on being in WAVES?

Most WAVES throughout the world are run by young people from ages 13-23. That was our plan, but we won't stop anyone from starting a WAVE group.

+ Can I use WAVES with my current small group?

Using WAVES for your existing small group is an awesome idea. Lots of groups are doing it because it's easy and they want to be part of something bigger.

+ Do I have to be a Christian to join WAVES?

No you don't, but Jesus Christ is the motivation for WAVES. We put his teachings to work. And we believe that when you follow his lead to transform your world, you'll probably end up following him and become a Christian eventually.

+ Is there anything special required?

WAVES is simple. The only things you need other than the app or handbook are:

  • PASSION: You want to make the world a better place to live.
  • COMPASSION You know of problems and people that need some help.
  • FRIENDS: You have friends who want to make a difference, too.
  • FAITH: You believe that God’s love flowing through us makes WAVES.

+ How exactly do we get started?

WAVES isn't complicated, so follow the easy steps below.

  • JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Use our app to register your WAVE group.
  • READ THE HANDBOOK: It's short and simple with lots of good ideas.
  • CHOOSE AN ISSUE: Pick an problem from our list or one of your own.
  • TELL YOUR STORY: Use the My WAVE button on the app and tell us what your WAVE is doing to take a stand and transform your world.

+ How do we choose an issue to tackle?

Changing your world is not as difficult as it seems. We know there are a lot of issues that break your heart. Choose one. Some seem huge. Others feel small enough to handle with no problem. If you can’t think of anything off-hand, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this list. It's also included on the app.

Questions about mentors?

+ Do we need an adult mentor?

We don’t require a mentor, but we strongly recommend one because a mentor can play a very important role in your WAVE. They bring years of life, wisdom, and experience to help you think through challenges and opportunities. But mentors aren’t required. You can always recruit a mentor later if you need one.

+ How do we find a mentor?

There are possible mentors are all around you. They should be someone you already know and trust. Their life should reflect the characteristics you admire. They should really believe in God’s call on your life as a young leader. And of course, we recommend that they're a follower of Jesus. A few suggested mentors are parents, teachers, business leaders, church members, and pastors.

+ What steps should I take as a mentor?

Are you passionate about this generation making a difference? Do you believe every young person should know who they are in Christ before they are 21? If yes, then being a WAVES mentor is a great fit for you. Remember don't do anything for a young peroson that they can learn themselves. THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE DESIGNED TO SAFEGUARD YOU:

  • Be intentional about being vetted by garda/police.
  • Undergo a thorough criminal background check.
  • Attend safeguarding workshop by recognized body.
  • Let your local church pastor know what you're doing.
  • Speak to the parents/guardians of WAVE members.
  • Never meet alone with less than two young people.
  • Let another adult know when you meet with youth. Click - Read Titus 2 for biblical insights. Check out page 18 in the HANDBOOK.

+ What should we ask our mentor?

We need someone to speak wisdom into our lives. It's important to have support and accountability from people who have experienced more life than us. We always need mentors! Finding an adult mentor must be a priority. It's also important to consider HOW we choose that person. THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE DESIGNED TO SAFEGUARD YOU:

  • Praying about the right individual for your WAVE.
  • All members should 100% agree on the person.
  • Is this individual commited to Jesus Christ?
  • Are they actively involved in a church?
  • Are they known among other adults you trust?
  • Do your parents/guardians know this person?
  • Ask your pastor/spiritual advisor about them. Click - Read Titus 2 for biblical insights. Check out page 18 in the HANDBOOK.

Trouble Shooting The App

+ Not Able To Download on Android

The WAVES app works best on the latest version of Android, but it should function on most versions. If you’re having an issue, let us know.

+ Not Able To Download on iPhone

The WAVES app works best on the latest version of iOS, but will work as far back as iOS 8. If you’re having an issue with it, let us know.

+ Help, my app isn’t working

We're constantly updating the app and trying to improve its features to help WAVES. If there’s an issue with your app, let us know.

If your questioned was not answered above please contact us.