1 in 9 people do not have enough food to live a healthy, active life. Poor nutrition causes nearly alf of deaths in children under five (3.1 million children each year). Hunger is especially harmful in childhood because it deprives kids of more than just food. Hunger causes kids to lack energy, the ability to focus, engage, learn, and grow. There are hungry children in every community in the world—including yours. This might be one of the easiest issues your WAVES can tackle. Start praying about ways to help. How do you think your WAVE can tackle hunger?




Aunika When I was 8 years old I started an organization called Operation Feed the Homeless. On Christmas Eve morning, we go and spend 3-5 hours giving those in need a sack lunch, blessing bags, a hot meal, and other items they may need. Over the past few years, it has grown so much. I can't wait to see it grow more.”

Brittany - “I plan on tackling hunger by making a bunch of sandwiches, chips, drinks, and snacks just like the ones you make for your children and take them to a local homeless community called "tent city" and giving each person food. I plan to do this 2 times a week and get my friends involved so that we all have days to give food so they have food everyday.”

Matthew - “By planting a community garden, the people of the community will take care of the garden and then any hungry members of the community can reap whatever they sow.”

Tobbie - “My plan is to go around my city, and hand out bags of meals and water to people that don't have access to those items.”