About 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade. Many people are unaware that human trafficking happens in their own city. Sporting events, the cyber world, airports, amusement parks, and shopping malls are the top places that human trafficking takes place.

This is one of the greatest ills of our society throughout the world. There are many organizations working to fight trafficking and the sex trade today. Your WAVE can get involved by simply creating awareness at a minimum. Can you think of anything else your WAVE can do to help tackle the issue of trafficking? 




Hope - “I plan to give away my 18th birthday to raise money to give to an organization that works to abolish slavery, like International Justice Mission. I will either ask for donations or host some sort of event.”

Rachel - “I am helping tackle this issue by donating to the Zion Project. They help people in human trafficking learn about God.”

Hannah - “We will work with the Daughter Project to find ways to help girls.”