What is wAVES

A few years ago, two friends began praying about a dream they shared. "What would happen if we actually trusted Jesus enough to train youth and get out of their way?"

They put together a diverse team of teens to create one tool that could work anywhere in the world. Then they tested their theory in a variety of locations around the globe.

How can I help globally

Become a monthly partner of WAVES today and help equip this passionate generation to make a difference with their lives today. Your financial support trains and mentors young people to put their faith in action and begin WAVES of their own.

How can I help locally

Students all around the world have signed up and shown that they want to do something more with their lives. Although, a lot of them do not know how to get started, but they have the passion to. They could use a little guidance and nudge in the right direction. (Just like when were their age and can all can remember someone who invested into our lives.)